#93. The Kind Neighbor who Carries our Grocery Bags

Ever since our young neighbor moved to our building, we’ve had the luck of having him run into us every time we’re unloading our groceries. I kid you not–he’s got some impeccable timing. And being the gentleman that he is, he always takes the time to help us carry the bags all the way to the fourth floor, no elevator.

Just today, as mom and I were taking the heavy groceries out of the car, we joked around about how cool it would be if we ran into kind neighbor to help with our many bags. And suddenly, as if we had magically summoned him with the will of our minds, kind neighbor walks out of the building on his way to throw some hoops, only to see us in need of help… yet again.

He laughed when he saw us because he knew, but he didn’t complain as he grabbed almost all our bags and carried them up.

We thanked him, but I don’t think he knows just how thankful we are–I am. It’s not just about helping us with the groceries. It’s about making us feel like ladies by being a willing gentleman every. single. time. 

So thank you, kind neighbor.


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