#89. Anticipation

If you are anything like me, Easter is all about the glorious resurrection of Christ that we celebrate on Sunday mornings. But I wonder… have I missed something?

I try to picture myself back in those days. I try to imagine what I would have done had I been one of the disciples. Would I have remembered Jesus’ words when He said that He would resurrect from the dead on the third day, or would I have forgotten about it–shrugged it off in disbelief?

Would I have anticipated–expectantly longed for–His resurrection?

Now that we have the whole picture and we know that Jesus did indeed resurrect, I start to understand that a very important part of Easter is to anticipate, to yearn for Christ to defeat death with life. But an important part of anticipating something is being patient and waiting for it to arrive.

Sometimes I wonder why Jesus came back to life after 3 days. Why did He have to wait rather than just resurrecting immediately after dying? Maybe He was giving us the chance to expect Him, to long for Him. Maybe He wanted the anticipation of His resurrection and of our freedom to brew in our hearts, so that when His glorification was finally displayed that third day, we would understand and embrace this great miracle.

I know it’s not an easy thing to wait. We, humans, don’t like to wait. But maybe we’re missing out on that beautiful feeling of finally receiving what we were waiting for because we try to rush to it instead of anxiously anticipating its arrival. 


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