#9. Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee by Kevin Webster

Morning Coffee by Kevin Webster

Most days, If I don’t drink coffee…

…I won’t walk around half-awake like a zombie, at least not most times.

…My hands won’t start shaking.

…I won’t be in a terribly bad mood.

…I won’t ramble on and on about how much I need my cup of coffee to start the day.

But today wasn’t like most days. Today I actually felt like my body needed coffee. All I had to do was brew a cup of that dark, rich goodness. Let the smell flood the kitchen. Pour a cup–I like to add a little milk and cocoa. Inhale the warm java aroma and sip. Let the aftertaste linger. My senses were awakened.

Most days, I don’t need coffee to wake up. But I love coffee, so I drink it anyway. Just because.


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