#8. Medical Miracles

Photo Credit: http://success.com/

Photo Credit: http://success.com/

She is family, even though I don’t know her well. Her heart was beating, even though her mind nor her body were responding. She lay in the hospital bed at the ICU, connected to machines that kept her alive. Her newborn baby was fighting for his life too. He was stable now, unlike her.

We have been visiting the family at the hospital–they’ve made the hall in front of her room their home. It’s been a week now. She almost didn’t make it twice, and the doctors were ready for the worst. The family broke down when the doctors said they should be ready too.

The odds were not in her favor, but who says God can’t beat the odds? 

It really is a miracle. God did a miracle. The doctors, her family, me–we don’t understand how this girl’s hospital room is now filled with happy chatter. Her eyes are open, her body is responsive, she’s begging for real food other than soup, she can’t wait to see her baby, but most important of all, she knows that her life is a miracle.

Maybe the point of all of this was that she would encounter the God of her salvation. And maybe–just maybe–God also wanted to give faith to a skeptical like me.


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